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Sunday, December 15, 2002

If you watch late-night cable TV in the U.S., you have undoubtedly seen the bald-headed guy pitching his computer training for $5.99. This seemed to good to be true, so I called the number. The story was even better than I imagined - $5.99 for a class #1, plus they would GIVE me CD #3 for FREE! By the way, I was expected to preview CD#2. The whole package arrives, and I am expected to pay $50 or so for CD #2 unless I call to say I want to return it. If I do nothing, I will continue to receive training classes in the mail at $50 per set. When I did call to cancel, there was a sales pitch to keep the first set and pay for it if they could send a second set for free. I won't comment on how good the training is, I simply did not appreciate the hassle.

Now, we have an alternative. Richard Rost thought the whole $5.99 CD concept was a great one and realized he could make money truly selling CD's for $5.99 with no strings, no hassles, no commitments, no clubs. He figures that if you buy a CD, you will voluntarily come back for a few more, still at $5.99. What a great concept! These are great beginner CD's and at this price, you can not lose. Even if you hand it to your Aunt Mabel so she will quit bothering you with beginner Word questions, it is a great thing.

Check out the $5.99 training CD's at www.599CD.com

Also, when you are ready for advanced training in Excel or training in VBA, don't forget to to check out Dave Hawley's training packages. For less than the cost of a single class at CompUSA, you can get a high-quality package of self-paced training with sample workbooks: